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I've been experimenting, building and using vertical furniture for many years. Its a fairly obvious tactic to store your clothes and other things in a small footprint but how to do it elegantly and affordably is not necessarily as obvious.



The clothes tower shown here is made of custom built drawers that fit into a stock bun rack. Click here to see the many types of bun racks that are available.

There is a wide variation of quality in the bun racks that are available. I use a very durable and well made one. I have made these for other people and I have found local dealers that will sell me one. It looks like there is a very similar one available on amazon.com right now. I haven't seen this model in person but it looks to be very similar. You can see that the price reflects the quality of the rack.

verb imac tower

verb tower of power



The tower of power was my solution for my stereo / entertainment system. It was designed to hold my stereo receiver, a tape player, a CD player, a VHS tape player, a small televisioin and a phonograph in addition to a lot of media. One of the big ideas here was to include a power strip in the back that allows for the distribution and management of all the power and data cables.

This unit is made entirely of readily avialable hardware store items. It uses threaded rod and aircraft cable with turnbuckles. The shelves are infinitely adjustable with the nuts that are threaded onto the rod. The quick photoshopped version to the far left shows that this is a modular concept.

Times are changing and I now use my Imac as my entertainment center. I still love my phonograph and vinyl records too. I'm presently thinking about new solutions that use the Imac along with a quality sound amplification and speaker system.

I'm rather surprised by the variety of entertainment systems out there. I don't see one that really does what I want it to. I'm working on the new concept now.

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