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Installation of Stair Treads

This is a jig that I made to align the stair treads during the assembly process. The steel frame intentionally has a lot of room for adjustment to allow for irregularities in the floor and the walls and any variation … Continue reading

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Sanding Stairs and Pondering More Lighting

I’m using parallam beam material for my stair treds. Continue reading

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Lighting, Both Natural and Artificial

Still Looking In an earlier post I was deep in a search for the perfect pendant light fixture. I called this my “fanciful pursuit.” I seem to labor over these fanciful decisions even more than the labor that I put … Continue reading

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Life in the Crawl Space

Its Been a Long Haul… but after many days in the crawl space, I have most of the heating ducts in place. I’m not sure what the inspector wants to see so I haven’t taped the ducts or wrapped them … Continue reading

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Status Report, September 2012

Where things are : In the past people have asked me to clarify the locations of things so I hope that this illustration helps to show where things are on the second floor. This is also an opportunity to give … Continue reading

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I’m working on a lot of different things at the same time. I’m figuring out how to do many of the things that I was unsure of; but then, it seems I often have to move on to something else … Continue reading

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September 2011 Update

The Contractor is Done and now I have a lot of work to do : I have new plumbing, new heating, new electrical and new stairs to design, build and install. You can see a window I am still working … Continue reading

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A Calm in the Storm

During the Chaos, a Refuge While the inside of my house is getting increasingly crammed with building materials and general chaos, I find myself looking for a refuge. It may seem odd to spend time fussing with plants during a … Continue reading

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In the beginning

This is the first post for this blog. I’ve recently received my building permit and this blog is here to document the process of adding a second story. This is a tiny house and I am not doubling the square … Continue reading

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