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Space Saving Tips for Tiny Houses

Guest post by David Morneau  –  Tiny House Society

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When it comes to living tiny, knowing how
to best utilize your space is key.

The smaller the area, the more cluttered it can look if your things are disorganized. The best part is that it’s not difficult to make your spaces look both creative in design, as well as functional. By creating smart storage solutions, homeowners can make the most out of their tiny homes. Here are some creative space saving tips for your tiny house.

1. Lofted Bed

A great way to maximize on space is by including a loft in your tiny house plans, or using risers to lift your bed. With a loft, your tiny house gains almost a whole new floor that can be a dedicated bedroom or office space. A bed on risers can create space for storage underneath–think pull out drawers or shelf space!

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2. Ladders

So you’ve built a loft space–now what? While some tiny houses have room for stairs, a ladder is out of the way and can give a cozy feel to your space. Combined with a loft, ladders can give you access to a whole new section of your house while taking up minimal space!

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3. Porches

What better way to enlarge your space
than by having a porch?

Add in some extra seating and you have plenty of area for friends and family to hang out without feeling cramped inside. If your tiny house is on wheels, you can even custom build your porch so it folds up against the outside wall.

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4. Shelving & Storage Spaces

There are storage opportunities everywhere if you look hard enough. Hallways can be lined with shelving, while creating underfloor storage is also a clever idea. People sometimes make the mistake of using standard furniture which takes up precious space. Instead, hang decorative baskets or containers that are both creative and functional.

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5. Fold-Away Furniture

A particularly effective method of saving space in areas that can get easily crowded are pieces of furniture that can be tucked or folded away.

Extra foldable stools can be hidden in nooks, and drop down tables can be mounted onto the wall and painted like a piece of art. Another popular way that tiny house owners save space is by forgoing the table altogether and building a narrow breakfast bar along a side wall.

 Source: Unsplash

The secret to space saving in your
tiny house is by using every inch of
space available to you.

Finding ways to incorporate design
alongside function is achievable, and
can help you make the most out of your space!

-David Morneau


Thank you David.
Good recommendations!
My favorites are “use every inch” and “Porches”
but I literally do or plan on doing all of this
….except for the ladder part.
Check out their website it’s one of the best I’ve seen.

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