How to Make the Most Out of a Small Living Space ( guest post from LuxeDecor )

How to Make the Most Out of a                    Small Living Space

Many urban dwellers reside in small spaces like studios and apartments. On the other hand, suburbanites often reside in tiny townhomes and cramped condos. Whether you have 500 square feet or 1500, it can be difficult to decorate and design a little living lair. Still, there are plenty of ideas for creating a posh petite pad.


Here are a few ideas for making the most                                    out of a small living space:

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Even a small living area should be divided into separate sections. From a dining area to a kitchen and living space, making an effort to have various home regions will add warmth and a sense of additional space.



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Vertical storage is crucial in a petite palace. From tall bookshelves to stackable cubbies, it’s important to incorporate tower storage units. Don’t be afraid to get creative and store books and plants in the kitchen and decorative plates in the living room.



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Forget mirrors for creating a sense of more space, adding a wall gallery will make even the tiniest room feel grand. Inviting and interesting, a dynamic wall filled with pictures and portraits will make any room into a showstopper.



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The ultimate way to style a small space is to make sure to add tons of cozy extras. From plush blankets, soft pillows and comfortable ottomans, adding lots of nest-worthy furnishings will ensure that even the humblest home feels luxurious and lovely.


Guest Post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor



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