Let the chaos begin

There is no escape from the chaos in the tiny house

I’ve started to tear apart my house in order to add the seismic retrofit brackets required by my engineer. I have to open up the walls in order to gain access to the studs.

Below is the engineer’s drawing that tells me where I have to put brackets and strengthen the studs that are in the walls. I suppose it would be different if I wasn’t in earthquake country. I live pretty close to an earthquake fault line as well.

This is the engineer's drawing showing bracket locations

These are the brackets that need to be installed

These are the brackets that need to be installed. The manufacturer specifies how the brackets are to be attached. All of these materials and fasteners are available to the novice home owner like me.

Life goes on during construction

As you can see in the next picture below, I had to move my washing machine out of it’s closet in order to gain access to the exterior wall. It is still hooked up and works fine just takes up a bit more room than before. This is how it will be for some time. I need to do a fair amount of work in that tiny room.

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I'm living in a very small house and documenting my processes and discoveries in the hope that it may be useful to someone else.
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3 Responses to Let the chaos begin

  1. adam says:

    ok, how do those brackets attach to the 2x4s and foundation?
    can you post a photo showing them either in-situ or placed against their location?
    im interested!
    + if you need a hammer drill, rotary hammer (beefy concrete drilling tool) or a gunpowder actuated nail firer (for putting nails into concrete) let me know my mang as i have them all!

    • dirk says:

      Hi Adam, okay I added a couple of illustrations from Simpson that show how the brackets are used. Let me know if you can’t find them, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to update and respond.

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